Saturday, February 4, 2012

Follow the link above (I don't know how credible the source is, but I have the below observations):

Do you think it would be beyond the scope of our national security establishment policy to fake a perceived threat from Iran like a Gulf of Tonkin?  I see two things that are odd about the info buzzing around by the far right conspiracy nuts (of which I tend to side with) and the rest of the propaganda machine pushing disinformation campaigns out there to keep everyone guessing. 

One, the govt itself through Sec Def Pannetta has forecast ahead of time that there is a critical specific period of time when something is likely to happen.. Spring when the Israeli’s will attack because the Iranians will reach a point of unstoppability making the case for war necessary and causing greater instability for middle-eastern oil out of the straits of Hormuz (what is so special about the spring?). 

Two, investment moves by Warren Buffet and other institutional investors grabbing up domestic shale oil exploration industry related companies ahead of the spring drilling season seem to signal that the US/Israel/Canada are in cahoots to convince everyone that domestic oil and gas production is the answer to curing the US economic problems and get unemployment under 7.5% before the election or immediately after the election (and it wouldn’t matter who wins – since both Obama and Romney are backing this) reasoning with a logical assumption that they are asking the public to make: that Iran=bad, War with Iran (through proxy Israel or directly)=good, domestic oil/gas production and exploration = good (like WW2/Post WW2 economic industrial revolution boom good).  Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Halliburton, Schlumberger Limited, National Oilwell Varco. 

Am I a nut too for thinking that these powerful interests are steering if not outright controlling policy this way? 

Whether we go to war with Iran is a side issue, the oil and gas industry will already have accomplished their goal of convincing the public that domestic shale oil exploration and development is necessary now and not later as the best option to fix our country, and no environmental or regulatory body in the world will be able to stand in the way of their logic and call for progress (call it manifest destiny 2.0).  Never mind the consequences of fast forwarding this convergence of technology making it possible to extract shale oil and nat gas - supposedly safely, the abundance of the resource, and the demand which can be manipulated for timing’s sake to benefit the top 1% of our wealthy executives and anonymous shareholders.

Leave it to the environmentalists to force the industry to become safer after it’s already under way. 

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